The protection of you and your family’s rights is the most important aspect in any divorce case. If your family is experiencing this frightful and stressful situation, our team can help ensure that your rights as a parent and spouse are protected. Whether you are a mother or father, our firm is adamant to protect each of our client’s rights. As an intimate boutique firm, we are available to personally direct attention to your case. We handle all situations that concern divorce and if we take on your case, we will not waiver in our commitment to you. If you are not sure what the best action to take is, it can be our job to set you on the right path.

We can also discuss with you what type of divorce to pursue. If you and your spouse have acquired many expensive possessions, a high net worth divorce will be set in place. For those cases that require a court to make decisions and involve a substantial amount of argument, a contested divorce will have to be pursued. Couples who are divorcing on the grounds of irreconcilable differences can obtain dedicated representation from our firm during an uncontested divorce. We can mediate between you and your current spouse to help you obtain an amicable result.

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